Awarded with 8 titles
ModuleX’s flagship MUSEUM series received worldwide recognition thanks to your support. More
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Please take a look at ModuleX’s unique philosophy and activities introduced by the media from around the world. More
SOCIAL Activities
Beyond the frame of lighting, in relation to architecture, environment and for the purpose enriching people’s lives, we are also making an effort to contribute to the abundance of the local community. More
News Recognized by IES Progress Report 2019
Thanks to your support, ModuleX became the first lighting fixture 
manufacturer in Japan to be recognized by the IES Progress Report 
for two consecutive years.

The IES Progress Report is More
NewsGOOD DESIGN Award 2018 from The Chicago Athenaeum
ModuleX MUSEUM series was awarded with GOOD DESIGN AWARD, presented by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.
ModuleX MUSEUM series are accessed into the The Chicago Athenaeum Museum's Permanent Design Collection. More
NewsRecognized by IES Progress Report 2018
ModuleX MUSEUM series fixtures are the first Japanese lighting product to be recognized by the IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) Progress Report for our high quality and creative optical design. More
News ModuleX MUSEUM series received the GOOD DESIGN with 4 titles
ModuleX MUSEUM series were selected by the GOOD DESIGN AWARD’s jury for “GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2017” “BEST 100” “DESIGN OF PRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT” “My Favorite Choice”More
News“GINZA SIX” project received IES Illumination Award
“GINZA SIX” won the Award of Merit in 2018 IES Illumination Awards
sponsored by Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES).
IES Illumination Awards are international lighting design awards
sponsored by IES, the renowned authority of the lighting,
and the specialties, ingenuities and originalities of
the lighting designs …More
NewsModuleX won an iF DESIGN AWARD 2017
ModuleX MUSEUM Series was a winner of this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD,
a world-renowned design prize. …More
ProjectsShiki Niseko
Hyatt's long-stay brand “Hyatt House”, for the first time in Japan “Shiki Niseko” is opened in Niseko, Hokkaido in December 2018 and ModuleX products were selected to be used. The selected ModuleX60 series is…More
ProjectsJ.M. WESTON Aoyama
ModuleX products were selected to be used by shoe bland “J.M.WESTON” established in France opened the 1st store in Aoyama, Japan as a new concept boutique which is a world first. The selected "GRID Fine liner" is a…More
Kengo Kuma and Associates rebuilt the priests' quarters in Zuishoji Temple, the first temple (originally built in 1670) in Tokyo of Obaku Section of the Zen Buddhist Schools brought to Japan by the Priest Ingen during the Edo Period, and ModuleX products are used in the project.…More
The multipurpose hotel, HOTEL ELECASA, located on the upland of Hakone, which has the Italian restaurant and the wedding chapel was renewed in July 2019, and ModuleX products are used. ModuleX MOTIF pattern order series were…More
 DISCO Corporation, Kuwabata Plant
Projects DISCO Corporation, Kuwabata Plant
ModuleX products were selected to be used when DISCO Corporation, a maker of semiconductor manufacturing equipment constructed a new building in their Kuwabata Plant in Kure city, Hiroshima.…More
Palace Skateboards, one of the world’s leading skateboard brands based in London, opened its first flagship store in Omotesando, Tokyo in November 2018 and ModuleX products were selected to be used in this project.…More
The first street store of apparel brand “ATON” opened in Aoyama, Tokyo, and ModuleX's products were selected to be used in this project. An abundant selection of mounting types are…More
In 1938, Tokyo’s first planetarium opened in Yurakucho. 80 years on, a brand new planetarium named “KONICA MINOLTA PLANETARIA TOKYO” (operated by Konica Minolta Planetarium Co., Ltd.) opened in TOHO CINEMAS NICHIGEKI of YURAKUCHO MULLION and…More
The Leafia Residence Seijo
Projects The Leafia Residence Seijo
ModuleX products were used when “The Leafia Residence Seijo” was completed at Seijogakuen-Mae, Tokyo. We proposed a lighting plan which enhances the added value of the project. By connecting the natural light with…More
Musashino Art University “Zero Space”
Projects Musashino Art University “Zero Space”
A new community space named “Zero Space” was created at the ground floor of Musashino Art University Campus Building 9 and ModuleX products were used in this project. We produced a space where the presence of…More
“THE CELESTINE KYOTO GION” opened in Kyoto in September, 2017 and ModuleX’s products were selected to be used in this project. In a serene area overflowing with emotion and facing Yasaka-dori in the Higashiyama area of Kyoto, a relaxing space as if a “second home” and the modest hospitality unique to Japan can be felt.…More
The ANNEX of NIHOMBASHI TAKASHIMAYA S.C. opened in September, 2018 and ModuleX’s products were selected to be used in this project. In the lighting environment of a commercial space where visitors come and…More
 BAKE CHEESE TART at Shinsegae Department Store (Daegu Branch)
Projects BAKE CHEESE TART at Shinsegae Department Store (Daegu Branch)
“BAKE CHEESE TART”, a Japanese cheese tart brand opened in Shinsegae Department Store located in Daegu city, South Korea and ModuleX’s products were selected for this project. The overall space is,…More
 Grand Lapa Macau Hotel
Projects Grand Lapa Macau Hotel
ModuleX’s products were used in the renewal of “Grand Lapa Macau”, a 5 star hotel & resort located in Macau. The decorative lighting and indirect lighting can be seen glowing beautifully in the hotel’s lobby space.…More
 Library above the clouds in Yusuhara
Projects Library above the clouds in Yusuhara
Designed by renowned architect Kengo Kuma, Yusuhara Community Library located in Takaoka, Kochi prefecture, which is described as “Library above the clouds”,…More
 Blue Bottle Coffee
Projects Blue Bottle Coffee
ModuleX products were used when the 10th Japanese store of Blue Bottle Coffee opened in Meguro, Tokyo in August 2018. Even with the compact space of only 15 seats, an open area café space was created by …More
 Sanyo Yamacho (Tokyo Midtown Hibiya)
Projects Sanyo Yamacho (Tokyo Midtown Hibiya)
ModuleX’s products were used when Sanyo Yamacho, where Sanyo Shokai Ltd’s corporate brands are lined up, opened their first composite shop in Tokyo Midtown Hibiya. To align with the interior design based on white, we provided…More
 LUMINE Office
Projects LUMINE Office
ModuleX’s products were used when LUMINE Co., Ltd made a major renewal to their headquarters office since 20 years. LUMINE Co., Ltd operates commercial facilities around the Tokyo…More